Archer Exploration


Mount James API Specification 13A Barite.

The Mount James Barite Project is located approximately 25km southwest of the mining township of Leigh Creek and 510km north of Adelaide, South Australia.

Mount James hosts 2 kilometre long outcropping barite vein sets with the cause of the barite veins believed to be due intrusive diapirs, which leached Ba from sedimentary rocks and deposited barite into open structures. The primary barium sulphate (BaSO4) mineralisation outcrops as a series of veins that strike in a rough north south orientation. Earlyexploration has shown through mapping and trenching that exposed barite vein sets can occupy widths from 80 m up to 150m wide, the strike of the veins is obscured by thin (<1m) Aeolian sands.

Results of preliminary test work conducted by Archer confirms that material from Mt James barite will produce API drilling grade barite.