Archer Exploration


Archer's Leigh Creek Magnesia Project is the world's largest known deposit of its type.

Archer's Magnesia Project is held by Leigh Creek Magnesite Pty Ltd (LCM) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Exploration Limited. The Magnesia Project is located approximately 20km northwest of Leigh Creek Township, South Australia and contains the world’s largest cryptocrystalline (fine grained) magnesite deposit of 453 million tonnes at a grade of 41.4% MgO.

LCM has undertaken detailed geological, technological and marketing due diligence to develop a project concept for the production of Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM) and Monolithic Dead Burn Magnesia (MDBM) for supply into high value, high growth market applications.

The proposed Magnesia Project involves a relatively straightforward open cut mining operation followed by on-site crushing and screening beneficiation. The mining operation could use contract mining services to reduce upfront capital expenditure. Detailed geological data, mine reserves calculations, mine pit design, waste dump design, mining schedule plans, environmental baseline studies and risk analysis currently exist to support the start-up of mining operations and are in the process of being finalised and updated.

The Mt Hutton Central deposit lies within 20km of the privately owned Leigh Creek to Port Augusta standard gauge rail line potentially providing an efficient supply chain. With a JORC Resource of 17.5Mt @ 40.2% MgO, Mt Hutton Central alone could support a large magnesia operation (150,000tpa CCM) for over 20 years.